Handling the Post Popup Blues

It's a wrap! Your food popup is over. Your guests are full and happy. The crockery as clean as a whistle. You've locked the doors. You're home - you settle down for a nightcap, it's time to relax. But then the sadness creeps in. It feels a bit like Boxing Day. Is it all over? [...]

Perched upgrades this July

We've been beavering away behind the scenes to make Perched the best experience for chefs to book popup venues. Here's the lowdown this sunny July. Maps are here! Searching for the right venue for your food popup just got a load easier. We've added a handy (not-so) little map to the search results so you [...]

Share the joy of cooking

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of the Perched Referral Program! Sharing is caring and all that. You can earn up to £75 per referral! And there’s no limit to how many pals you can recommend. How does it work? For every friend you refer who signs-up, you’ll receive a credit on your account. If [...]

Starting a food popup: advertising your event

You’ve decided on a date for your popup and booked a venue. The event is soon approaching. How can you get people to turn up?! There’s plenty still to do. In this post, we’ll discuss a few known ways to get some punters in for a night or longer. You should be advertising your events [...]

Should food popup venues be free?

Should I pay or not? That is the question when it comes to food popups, supper clubs and residencies. The answer is neither yes or no, it’s completely dependent on multiple factors. Free ain’t always good. Most of the venues we speak to offer two different prices for their venue. Free venues are a great [...]

Turn your venue into a popup kitchen

Learn how you can turn your venue into a successful popup restaurant. Food popups have been on trend for a while now and there's no sign of this easing up. Turning your venue into a popup friendly location will drive traffic and increase revenue. And it’ll make you look cool too. Here's a few tips [...]

Dark Kitchens – Killing You Softly

If you haven't heard of them by now, you've almost certainly eaten food from one. Or have you been living in a bubble and missed the likes of Deliveroo or Uber Eats. Shame on you! Dark by name, dark by nature? The food you order for delivery will usually prepared in a restaurant. However, more [...]

Food markets suck – and why you should get a stand at one.

The stomping grounds of the Instagram obsessed millennials, food markets have seen year-on-year growth for the last five plus years. Every weekend, unless the weather is epic bad, you’ll find the London food markets jammed full of crazy people eating. Well, there seems to be more snapping than eating, but who cares. It’s all about [...]

Starting a Food Popup: Hiring a venue

Finding the perfect venue is a like choosing a partner - whether you’re looking for a one night stand or a life-long marriage.

If you're thinking about starting your own food residency, popup or supper club, this article will help you find the perfect venue to hire. Not that the perfect venue exists! Or does it?

Popup Venue for Hire: Nanashi [Shoreditch]

Nanashi is a cosy sushi restaurant in Shoreditch - undoubtedly one of the hippest venues on Rivington Street. They're now renting their venue and kitchen for popup events! The venue space is bright, warm and inviting. It has enough seating for around 30 customers. The venue is laid out in a way that creates a [...]